React hooks are a relatively new addition to the library. One of these hooks, the useState hook, allows you to access state in a component while eliminating the need to use a class component.

This allows you to write less code, as you no longer have to inherit from React.Component, and you can write a simple JavaScript function. First, you’ll have to import the useState function from react.

import React, { useState } from React

The useState hook takes in a value, and it returns an array. The first index of that array contains the state value that you passed…

If you’re anything like me, you wanted to pretend that the JavaScript iterator reduce did not exist. I’ve seen droves, including myself, of budding developers run away from it in fear. However, I’m here to tell you that reduce can be incredibly useful, and you should embrace it!

In this blog, I would like to detail how you can use reduce on a string in order to break it down into an object containing a tally of the word’s letters. Many people think of using reduce strictly to reduce a collection into a single value, but it has many more…

I can’t believe that we’re finally here at the end of the program! I’ve learned SO MUCH in these past five months, and it’s nearly impossible to keep track of it all. And still, I know that I’ve only experienced the tip of the iceberg. Having used such a variety of different resources to create my projected throughout this program, there was one resource that I used in nearly every application that I made: Flex Boxes.

Flex Box is an extremely useful CSS tool for organizing displayed lists. I was particularly a fan of the flex-wrap feature, allowing me to…

It’s been quite the journey getting to this point. React has proven to me that it was indeed worthy of being the apex learning point of this curriculum. While challenging to gain a strong grasp of, React is quite impressive in its ability to render a lot of information in a small amount of code.

For my application, I chose to create an actor’s hub. Currently, it exists as a database of actors that would most practically be used by an agent or casting director. …

For my JavaScript portfolio project, I have decided to create an application that allows the user to keep track of upcoming trips and to add activities to a trip that a user would like to take part in over the course of their vacation. Although I do have previous experience in functional JavaScript, transitioning to an object-oriented JavaScript approach was indeed complex. My main objectives in order to accomplish this applications were as follows:

  • Construct a Rails API background
  • Construct a frontend using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Separate frontend concerns between and index.js file and Model/Adapter files
  • Manipulate the DOM…

For my Rails portfolio project, I’ve created a web application called Tails on Rails. It is designed for bartenders (or just home mixologists!) to be able to share and review new craft cocktail recipes with one another. In order to accomplish this, several factors needed to be taken into consideration on the onset:

  • Create models for Users, Spirits, Recipes, and Reviews and their relations
  • Set up necessary CRUD and RESTful routes
  • Set up nested routes for user ease
  • Implement Google Omni-authorization
  • Maintain separation of concerns with helper methods and partials

One of the most important part of this project was…

This blog post will be outlining my experience building a *Sinatra* web application for the Flatiron full time software engineering program. I chose to build a gaming library, where users are able to sign up, login, and manage their library of games and the platforms on which they are plaid. Users are also able to view other users own libraries of games. To do all of this, a few core things were required:

  1. Create models of users, games, and platforms and connect them to a database.
  2. Establish associations between different model classes.
  3. Validate and authorize user signup and login information.

I have officially completed my first project, and with that, my first application as a web developer. My command line interface application accesses an API containing information about thousands of breweries throughout the nation. Users are able to search for breweries within the parameters of city or state, and to view more detailed information from there.

Brewery Display

This application uses an API from . Personally, I very much enjoy visiting breweries when I travel to new places. …

Kamrin Kennedy

Full-stack web developer with a background in the service industry, sound design, audio engineering, and theatre performance.

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