I can’t believe that we’re finally here at the end of the program! I’ve learned SO MUCH in these past five months, and it’s nearly impossible to keep track of it all. And still, I know that I’ve only experienced the tip of the iceberg. Having used such a variety of different resources to create my projected throughout this program, there was one resource that I used in nearly every application that I made: Flex Boxes.

Flex Box is an extremely useful CSS tool for organizing displayed lists. I was particularly a fan of the flex-wrap feature, allowing me to display items across the screen and then wrap around to new lines as needed.

Flex Boxes offer a large variety of way to present your collection. Using the justify-content property, they can be organized as such:

Given the customization and flexibility it involved, Flex Boxes are also very easy to implement.

I found this article to be an invaluable resource when using flex boxes: